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Roblox Deepwoken isn’t a new game by any means, but players still struggle with Layer 2, which boasts a large number of enemies and hostile environments. If that wasn’t bad enough, Deepwoken is one of those games where character death is permanent. This means that once you die in the game, you have to start all over again. I’m here to try and make things easier for you, so here’s a how-to-do Layer 2 guide to avoid any more unnecessary deaths.

Layer 2 – How To Do

The Second Layer, known as The Eternal Gale, has 2 floors. You will need Power 15 to activate the elevator to reach Layer 2, but if you want to head down there early (I guess if you really want to have a hard time) you can ask someone to activate it for you.m

There are 2 floors in Layer 2. The first floor is in the Ethironal Shrine, and the second is in New Kyrsa, The Sleeping City. There are multiple things you have to accomplish to make navigating this layer easier. I’ll talk about how to get through both floors in detail below.

Two Ways To Get To Layer 2

First things first you need to get to Layer 2. There are two ways to do this. The first way (and the safer way) is to use this teleporter at the Castle of Light.

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The second way is to jump into the void in the depths. The benefit of the first method is that it gives you a tool to come back safely for 20 minutes. This is called a Light Hook, which I’ll mention again later. If you do the second way, the only way out of Layer 2 is to go through the entire thing all over again. That being said, choose wisely.

First Floor

Here are the 5 things you can find on the first floor:

  1. Deepshore Fossil
  2. Galewax Room
  3. Union Hook
  4. Ethiron’s Gaze/Blue Spear
  5. Union’s Ship

Once you enter the floor, you will spawn at the Thronal Shrine Outskirts. To begin, you’re going to need a key to open the door. Get the key by scaling the rocks up the mountain from where you spawn. There will be a small leap you have to make, so be careful of the wind so you don’t get blown off the mountain.

The key will be found in this tent.

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Once you get this key, drop back down from where you came and head to this door. You can follow the rock path to get here.

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Follow the path and make sure to walk in the direction opposite of the wind. The winds on this floor will be strong enough to push you and affect your movement, so try your best to counter it. Likewise, when jumping over gaps, keep in mind that the wind will be affecting where you land.

Another important thing to note is that staying still for too long will inflict you with Parasites. Make sure you keep moving!

SIDE NOTE: There are a ton of attunements that can make this easier for you. Check out our list of the best Attunements here!

You will eventually reach an area that diverges into three paths. You must take the middle path first to reach a safe zone known as Pilgrim’s Respite. Once you’re rested and ready, go back out and now take the path on the right.

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The path on the right will lead you to the Bone Keeper. Keep following the path and eventually, you will pass through a short cave. Be careful of falling spikes.

You will reach a bridge where you will fight the Bone Keeper. Fight him and don’t lose. Pretty straightforward.

SIDE NOTE: Master the art of fighting in Deepwoken with our PVP guide!

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You can turn on the Generator from here. Follow the path and scale the rocks to reach it.There will be more gaps as you get to the Generator, so jump against the wind! Additionally, don’t stay too long. A Bounder will spawn and kill you.

The Union Base

After this, head back to the three paths and go back from where you came. This time, jump onto the pillars. Jump onto the first two and then drop from there. Stay close to the walls of the pillar to cushion your descent.

Once you make it to the bottom, head inside the Frontier Furnace and follow the path into the heart of the building. You will encounter an NPC (not sure) and take a left from there. From there, enter the small doorway and talk to Alpha (Old Canor). In this room, you will receive the Union Hook Talent from him.

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Additionally, there is another NPC in this room that can spawn a ship in the Bounder’s Nest. This will allow you to escape without fighting. Once you have the Union Hook talent, return to the Safe Place (Pilgrim’s Respite).

You will be tasked to retrieve the blue spear. Once you pick it up a mob will appear so just jump to evade them.

Go to the FirFire Caverns by heading back out to the snow. There will be Bounders on the way, but you can successfully evade them by spamming jump dash to avoid a fight.

FirFire Caverns

Once you make it to the caverns, get to the bottom of the cave. The path down is long but relatively straightforward. Once again, there will be falling spikes so be careful not to stand in place too long.

After you reach the bottom, you will find the Blue Spear. Pick it up and climb back out of the hole. Climb to the surface and go to Firfire. Talk to Erosius and gain the Ethiron’s Gaze to let you see through the fog.

SIDE NOTE: Want to know what the best enchants are? Here’s a Best Enchant Tier List to get you started.

Bounder Nest

Now you have to cross the Bounder’s nest. From Firfire caves, follow the path outside.

The path will eventually lead you to this caved area, where you will encounter this NPC sitting along the cliffs. Do not talk to him! If you do, he will throw you off the cliff.

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When you reach the Nest, ou will encounter about 9-10 and you mustn’t stop running.

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Once you make it past the nest, you will reach the Maw of Ethiron. You’re almost close to the boss.

This is the hardest part of the floor. You will eventually reach an area where the path crumbles as you run across it. Just keep following the path until you make it to stable ground. Here, you will face Carbuncles.

After you kill the carbuncles, keep following the broken path to get to Chaser. There will be Bone Keepers in the path so try your best to avoid a fight.

Once you get to this boss, it’s going to be a tough battle. Keep track of the pattern of where he fires and try your best to dodge and evade. Once you beat him, a chest will appear, and you’ve cleared the first floor.

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Deepshore Fossil and Galewax Room

This section will cover the Deepshore Fossil, which isn’t a requirement for the floor, but a great side quest you can do.

There are 3 books that you need to collect before you can get the Deepshore Fossil. Additionally, you will need to open the Galewax Room to get this item. This is a secret room that requires 4 Galewax to open.

There are 9 Galewax to be found, but here are the locations of the ones closest to the Galewax Room.

  1. To the left of the Sanctuary Door from when you first enter.Deepwoken: How To Do Layer 2 Guide - Item Level Gaming (10)
  2. Drop down from the location of the first Galewax and run to the left. Additionally, talk to the body right behind this Galewax (This will give you one journal for the Deepshore Fossil).Deepwoken: How To Do Layer 2 Guide - Item Level Gaming (11)
  3. In the corner of the room South of the Union Hook.Deepwoken: How To Do Layer 2 Guide - Item Level Gaming (12)
  4. The last one will be just past the first Bone Keeper on the bridge.Deepwoken: How To Do Layer 2 Guide - Item Level Gaming (13)

Once you have all 4, head to the intersection. By now, you should know where it is. Take the path from the entrance (the side passage) and light the candles by this pillar.

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Upon entering, three chests will spawn, containing enchants or weapons. Once you finish looting, you can leave the same way you came in.

To get the other two journals, the second journal will be found at the Bounder’s Nest. Look for it on the walls to the left; there is a hole in the wall where branches are sticking out.

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The last journal will be found where the Carbunkle mobs are. Just beat the mobs and look for the journal around the area.

And that’s everything for floor 1! There’s a lot to do, so it’s recommended to do most of this stuff in between runs so you don’t risk taking too much damage and dying.

Second Floor

To get to the second floor, jump into the hole made by Chaser to get to New Kyrsa. To escape the second layer and finish this floor you need to defeat the Scion of Ethiron.

The mechanics in New Kyrsa differ from the first floor. You will notice that an Old Diver’s Watch will appear in your inventory. Use this watch to know how much time you have left. New Kyrsa has an unstable space-time. This means that you have 15 minutes to go through this floor.

Once the time reaches 0, you will be sent back to the Kyrsan Shrine of Arrival. When this happens, everything except the boss activation shrines will reset.

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When this happens to you 3 times, you get torn apart and have to redo everything. This means that in total, you have 45 minutes to activate all the shrines. Activating all the shrines will stabilize space and time.

To accomplish this, activate 5 Obelisks before time collapses twice (30 minutes). The first one will be at the Kyrsan Shrine of Arrival, so it’s impossible to miss. There is one located inside the library of a building with a broken roof.

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There are Medallions that you can collect on this floor. Unfortunately, they spawn randomly so I can’t give you any specific locations. What I can tell you is that they spawn where glowing pink lights are.

Along the way, you’ll notice glowing pink lights coming from holes in the ground. Do not touch them! Spikes will rain from the sky and damage you.

The path is relatively straightforward on this floor. There will be a labyrinth that you need to decipher with the following code 12122212314231 to get access to the other side of the library. Don’t make a mistake because you’ll be taken back to the start.

Deepwoken: How To Do Layer 2 Guide - Item Level Gaming (18)

Once inside, head to the top floor of the building. Find a balcony with white particles to teleport there. There will be an Obelisk there.

You can also find Carrion, the Father of Evolution. He gives you free monster mantras if you interact with him, so take the chance and do so.

The next obelisk can be found at the Sunken Railways which you can access through the broken sewer gate. Navigate through it and jump dash past any enemies to avoid wasting time on fights. Once you activate this obelisk, the chamber has probably reset twice.

Deepwoken: How To Do Layer 2 Guide - Item Level Gaming (19)

The last obelisk can be found outside the city on an island locked behind a gate guarded by eight Lost Divers. Once you get all of these, run to the gate and enter the large shrine. This will be the last thing you have to do so expect the next fight to be tough. Interact with the purple gate to start it.

Defeat Scion of Ethiron and escape via Klaris’ light hook. Note that once you beat Scion, another space-time collapse will happen after 2 minutes. This means you need to reach the escape point at the entrance within that time. In the rush, avoid the white particles or that will instantly wipe you.

And that’s it! It’s a lot of hard work, but this is a full guide on how to do Layer 2. Hopefully, this helps you survive this layer of Deepwoken. If you want more tips and tricks, check out the official Trello link for Deepwoken for more awesome info.

Deepwoken: How To Do Layer 2 Guide - Item Level Gaming (2024)


What level to do layer 2 deepwoken? ›

Note: The requirement to activate the Second Layer elevator is Power 15. Otherwise, Klaris will scold you as a mere Diver Apprentice.

Do you lose sanity in Layer 2? ›

While often attributed to him by the community, Yun'Shul is not the cause of Insanity, rather it's the First Layer's status of an Eldritch Location that does not obey the laws of physics. This is why the Second Layer does not cause Insanity, as despite its variety of Monsters it's more grounded in reality.

Is there layer 3 in Deepwoken? ›

An immortal who brought the concept of Flamecharm to the world by devouring a chunk of Korilfiend, in the form of a meteor flower found in the Third Layer, allowing him to communicate with and 'charm' fire, making him the only true Pyrokinetic Flamecharmer. He and the First Prophet are the only known Deepwoken.

What can get you banned in Deepwoken? ›

Usage of derogative words, such as slurs, aimed at another wiki member(s) or organization(s). Repeated posts / messages over a short time, and unnecessarily long comments. Using templates improperly across the Wiki. Posting in Discussions under the wrong category.

What happens if you lose 3 skulls in Deepwoken? ›

Dying shatters 1 skull. If the player has 3 or 2 skulls when this happens, they are not penalized. Shattering the last skull will make the player drop items and send them to The Depths.

How long does a year last in Deepwoken? ›

If one year passes (4 real life days), your character will get one year older, unless it gets wiped. The year will also change, for example 1273 to 1274.

Is Deepwoken 2 free? ›

It is paid access and costs 400 Robux.

How many layers of floor can you have? ›

Typically, your flooring will be made up of four different layers. Each of these layers plays a distinct part in keeping your flooring in tact. In some cases, only three flooring layers are necessary. Likewise, in other, more rare cases, you'll see more than four layers.

How many layers are in Deepwoken? ›

Layers. The Depths contains nine layers, though you can reach only two in game: The First Layer, aka Scyphozia, and the Second Layer, aka the Eternal Gale.

How to escape layer 1 deepwoken? ›

Escaping First Layer

The main method to escape is by the tower, which houses the Trial in the center of the city. The Trial must be entered through the elevator. The alternative method is limited to players with a Resonance, or Bell.

What level do you have to be to wash your face in Deepwoken? ›

To gain access to this teleport feature you must wash your face in the Light Keeper Temple fountain located on Aratel Island, which will permanently unlock it for all slots, provided you are Power 10+ and have visited The Lordsgrove.

What level do you fight enforcer Deepwoken? ›

While not recommended, beating The Enforcer while level 17, or earlier, is totally possible. The Enforcer is an ultimate test of skill, and less of a stat check. When it uses Whirlwind, do not attempt to fight it.

What is the max level for Deepwoken? ›

It's recommended to use your points as much as you can before reaching the cap, of Power 20.

What stats should I upgrade in Deepwoken? ›

When starting off, considering which attributes are your most important will help guide you in your run. For some people, they'll want to raise Agility first so they can get Agility talents before they raise Fortitude.

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