6 Cute Car Accessory Gifts for Your Friend That Likes Customizing Their Car (2024)

Some car enthusiasts want to increase their engine’s power, have better-performing tires, or ramp up their vehicle’s suspension system, which is why car modifications are so expensive. But, not everyone wants to go to those kinds of extremes. Some owners simply want to add cute touches to the car’s interior to make driving more fun, surrounded by accessories that make them feel good.

Why do people customize their vehicles?

6 Cute Car Accessory Gifts for Your Friend That Likes Customizing Their Car (1)

The market is full of many items you can install in a car to make your commute fun and comfortable. You can choose practical accessories, like dash cams and emergency road kits. Or, you can opt for some items to show a sense of humor, like a pair of brightly-colored fuzzy dice. If your friend prefers cute accessories, there are a few you can choose from that are sure to please. Let’s look at the six options given by Erie Insurance.

1. Covers for the steering wheel

These covers can be found in your friend’s favorite color, or you can choose a specific design. There are ones with all kinds of animal skin patterns, like leopard, tiger, or zebra. Also, there are Aztec-designed or Boho-related covers for people that want to feel connected to a particular culture.

Some covers exude luxury or glitz, like high-quality leather or rhinestone-studded ones. Or maybe your friend wants something soft and plush to hold onto when they drive, like a fuzzy-covered one.

2. Hangers for the posts on the car’s headrest make great car accessory gifts

A perfect gift provides a bit more storage for anyone’s vehicle. You can buy a set of hooks that will hang off the posts of the car’s headrest so that you can hang items off the back of the seat. For example, your friend may need space to put their purse, shopping bags they don’t want on the floor, or even clothes they’re going to change into when they get to their destination.

It can also hold hats, fanny packs, or even grocery bags with items that could break if you leave them on the floor. These hangers suit anyone needing extra space to hold their items while driving.

3. Coverings for the vehicle’s seats

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Like the car’s steering wheel, plenty of covers can transform the seats into something more comfortable or aesthetically pleasing to your friend. If their vehicle doesn’t have heated seats, they can add that feature with a specially designed covering that will plug into the car’s auxiliary power outlet.

If your friend has a favorite color, you’ll probably find one with just the right shade with a bit of browsing online. They can cover up their stained seats or the ugly factory-colored seating materials with something they like. If they have a pet that travels with them sometimes, you can find pet-friendly ones. That means they won’t have to worry about cleaning up a bunch of pet fur.

4. Interior lighting options are great car accessory gifts

Spruce up the interior of their car with some LED lighting strips. These will add light to places like the footwells in the vehicle. Some of these accessories will come with the option to change the color to whatever you like through an app on your phone.

They will help add more visibility to the vehicle, or they can simply add some mood lighting during a night of driving.

5. An organizational system for the glove box

Let’s face it, one of the messiest parts of our vehicles seems to be located in the glove box. Whenever you need your car’s registration papers or insurance card, you have to sift through the mess to find them. With a little organization, the glove compartment can become so well sorted that you can find anything you need quickly.

You can find special folders that hold registration papers and insurance cards, so all your friend has to do is pull that out, and they will have what they need without having to go through a bunch of papers. There are plenty of other organizers, so do your browsing and see which ones will help your friend get their glove box sorted out.

6. Padding for the seat belts makes great car accessory gifts

While we know that seat belts can save lives when accidents occur, not many people seem to like wearing them. They’re just not the most comfortable, especially the upper part that rests against the shoulder/chest area. Some of them can rub uncomfortably against us.

To help alleviate that issue, different types of padding available will wrap around the seat belt and make wearing them much more comfortable. That way, long drives will be more tolerable when you don’t have to struggle with parts of the belt.

There are tons of ideas for gifts you can buy your friends that will accessorize their vehicles, making their cars more personalized to them. You can choose practical ones or items with cute designs or colors. Whatever you purchase for your friend, you can be assured they will have a more fun time commuting in their vehicle.


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6 Cute Car Accessory Gifts for Your Friend That Likes Customizing Their Car (2024)
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